Create a crowdfunding video for a Community Theatre Company working with special needs. The play was in the first stage of development and crowd-funding was needed to get the production going.


The video and campaign raised £11,000 pounds alone. The show went on to be presented locally and was picked up to feature in the Brighton Fringe Festival. There it took home the Camp Bestival Best Family Show 2015 and it is still being performed to this day.

Crowd-funding Video:


Pericles Theatre Company


June, 2014


With a close personal involvement in the project we chose:

  1. Strategy
    Film the story in a spontaneous presenter lead flowing shoot.
  2. Design
    Use as much creativity to reflect the nature of the show the company was producing.
  3. Communication
    Light hearted and quirky, with a feel for the homemade stage crafting characteristic of the company.

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