Music Video:


Split Point Records


June, 2003

Barcelona-Costa Rica


Tekes & DeSostoa and Split Point Records were the first in producing EDM in Central America. Based in Costa Rica and Barcelona the duo approached us to create a unique concept music video.


With a close personal involvement in the project we chose:

  1. Strategy
    In 2003 the invasion of Iraq took the global conciousnnes to the streets to say Not in our name. We decided to shoot guerilla style armed with a 16mm Arri SR2 in the streets of Barcelona.
  2. Design
    With a crew of six people we took to the streets to film a character interacting.
  3. Communication
    The original idea was to reflect on the value of the individual as a motor for change in a globalized society; the concept of global Oneness and also for the piece to be a short documentary on the events and the spirit of this historic day when world citizens took to the streets to march and be heard for the cause of peace.


The global march was a great success in the numbers of worldwide participants and the unprecedented scale the event reached. Sadly it did not succeed in stopping the forthcoming war, but it catalyzed a movement and put forth ideas that still reverberate to this day.