The Chamber Music Company from London approached us with the need to create value for one their insignia musical ensembles: Tango 44. With first hand experience in Latin American music and working together with its musical director Mark Troop, SaGuarda Studios were comissioned to developed a concept and performance series of videos to showcase and raise the profile of the group.


Tango 44 and SaGuarda Studios are very happy with the results of the project. The band has gained exposure and profile within the international musical scene and is now playing sold out concerts and for high end events.


Chamber Music Company


January, 2016


Diego Barraza


With a close personal involvement in the project we chose:

  1. Strategy
    Shoot a series of 5 promotional films in one day, one focusing on a concept and the rest as musical performance pieces.
  2. Design
    Development of a mood and concept look
  3. Communication
    Play on the dramatic possibilities of the music to create a classy timeless series of films.

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